A Philosophy of Radical Aliveness

A Philosophy of Radical Aliveness

"Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision; but today well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope."

John Kerestes


Sunday, October 21, 2007

1990 - 2003 14 Scuba Diving Trips

On my third dive trip I met Ralph M. who had brought his entire family on the Cuan Law, a 100 foot trimaran, "live aboard". He had two Nikonos underwater cameras. The prints he sent me from that trip inspired me to buy an underwater camera, and from then on I took photographs on dive trips. Yet some of the highlights occurred above ground, such as a Christmas trip to Roatan in 1991 when we visited the local village with one of our group dressed like Santa Claus, giving out presents we'd brought with us to the local kids. That same trip I snorkeled twice with the dolphins -- another definite highlight.

As of my last dive trip I had been on 14 dive trips, and logged 154 dives.

May 1990: CoCo View, Roatan, Honduras (15 dives)
March 1991: St. Vincent (11 dives)
August 1991: Cuan Law Live Aboard, British Virgin Islands (12 dives)
December 1991: St. Anthony’s Key, Roatan, Honduras (15 dives)
May 1992: Molokini Crater, Maui, Hawaii (8 dives)
December 1992: Posada Del Sol, Guanaja, Honduras (18 dives)
August 1993: Molokini Crater, Maui, Hawaii (4 dives)
December 1984: Divi Flamengo, Bonaire (13 dives)
March 1996: Anse Chastane, St. Lucia (10 dives)
December 1996: Barracuda Hotel, Cozemel, Mexico (9 dives)
August 1998: St. George Is., Belize (12 dives)
May 1999: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador (15 dives)
March 2000: Buddy’s Dive Res., Bonaire (10 dives)
June 2003: Molokini Crater, Maui (2 dives)